Member Benefits

Core Membership Benefits – $125.00


Breakfast Club

Each month, the chamber organizes an early morning educational meeting to provide information, upliftment, and networking opportunities. We have had well-known speakers and educators from all over the state come to share their expertise with our members. Be sure to bring a notebook to take notes. You won’t want to miss these. In the case of health risks, we may move this meeting to a virtual platform.

This event also gives you the chance to sponsor breakfast for the chamber members and guests.  This gives you visibility and tax write-offs.  You can sponsor breakfast for $50 or less. Do not forget to bring your business cards

Those outside the chamber are welcome to attend for $5.



Chamber Membership with Window Decal

Each member will receive a window decal you can display in your storefront window to show your customers that you are an active supporter of our chamber.  If you do not have a storefront, you will receive a digital decal you can display on your website and social media sites.

Your hard copy will be distributed at monthly events, like Breakfast Club, Business of the Month, and other networking opportunities.  Please let the director know if you would like one mailed to your office at


Networking Events

Each member will have the opportunity to join a small group of diverse business owners/leaders to meet with and discuss issues having to do with business or otherwise.  Each group will determine when, where, and how often to meet.  This is a great opportunity to network and to gain and offer support, skills, and knowledge. This event will take place during the lunch hour on a monthly basis


There are several opportunities to network and connect with other businesses and members.

  • Business After Hours ( Once Quarterly)
  • Breakfast Club (Once Monthly)
  • Business of the Month Events (Monthly)
  • Ribbon Cuttings ( Throughout the Year)
  • Annual Membership Drive (Yearly)
  • Shop Local Events (Once Yearly) The Hometown Market ( Every Monday from June-Sept)
  • Annual Banquet(Yearly)
  • Volunteering at Live Events (Throughout the Year)
  • Serving on chamber committees


These events, if utilized, can increase your business and leadership visibility. Please check the chamber calendar on our website and your email updates regularly for opportunities.


Sponsorship Packages:

Each event that the chamber holds, with the exception of Shop Local, is sponsored by one or many chamber members.  Sponsorships help your business increase its credibility, improve its public image, and build prestige, increase business awareness as well as driving traffic to your business or website, and show community support.


*All sponsorships are included at the Cornerstone membership level.  Refer to the membership level sheet to check for included sponsorship.

Sponsorship Package Opportunities:

  • Breakfast Club – Sponsorship is $50
  • Annual Banquet
  • Payson City Easter Festival
  • The Chamber Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
  • Pickleball, Corn Hole and Golf Tournaments
  • Connections Magazine
  • Orchard days Power Wheels Derby/ Drag Race
  • Chamber Publications
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Chamber Facebook Banner


Sponsorships are an opportunity to get recognized and drive traffic to your business and website


Booth Space at Annual Shop Local Events

Our shop Local event is held in June each year in either Payson or Santaquin.  All Chamber members are invited to set up an outdoor booth with products, coupons, and raffle prizes to introduce the community to their business and gain new clientele.

These are combined with other popular community events. Booth spaces are $5 for members and $20 for non-members.

The Hometown Market is a Business Farmer’s Market that runs from June – Sept every Monday from 5:30- 8:30 pm.

Booth Spaces are $10 for members and $20 for non-members.


Calendar of Events Submission

Your events can be listed on the chamber website calendar through your member portal under events on the left-hand side.


Online Directory Listing on Chamber Website

The Chamber website is a great resource to the community for finding businesses.  Each member is registered on our website directory so that people looking for a particular business can find it easily. You can also access the chamber app that is easily used on your mobile device.

Do not forget to utilize “Google My Business” for increased visibility.  Please contact the director for help with setting this up.


Social Media Welcome Posts with Links to your Website

As soon as you’ve registered with the chamber, we will announce to our Facebook and Instagram audience that you are a new member of the chamber and also share your website and contact info.  We currently have over 2100 followers on Facebook and 600 Instagram followers.


Ribbon Cuttings

As a member of the chamber, you can choose to have a ribbon-cutting, complimentary of the chamber.  The Mayor is invited, we bring the ribbon, big scissors and market the event on social media and through email to our members.  Costco will provide a celebratory cake.  You may choose to make this event as big or small as you desire.  Ideas for ribbon cuttings include:  Refreshments, ceremonial speech, giveaways, raffles, balloons, face painting, contests, etc.

Home-based businesses can also do a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the chamber office.  These events are featured in the Payson Chronicle and the Serve Daily.


Eligibility for Business of the Month/Year

Every month, the chamber sends out a form to all members to vote on who they feel has been an outstanding establishment in the community. The business with the most votes receives a Business of the Month plaque and celebratory party.  We bring refreshments, sometimes donated by another business. We take a photograph to be submitted to the Payson Chronicle and we ask the business to write a short article to go along with the photo.

Criteria for being nominated as Business of the Month:

  • Must participate in at least  3 chamber activities during the year.
  • Must serve/ volunteer in the community. (This can be anyone on your staff).
  • Must be progressing/growing/improving your business in some way
  • Must be a member for a year.


Member to Member Discounts

One of the benefits of being a member is utilizing discounts offered by other chamber member businesses.  Discounts are listed on the Chamber website.


Unlimited Certificate of Origin Certificates

A Certificate of Origin or CO is a document that indicates where a product came from. In other words, where the manufacturer that made the product is. We use this document when companies and other entities trade internationally, i.e., when they import and export. It is also a requirement in many trade agreements.


Directory Listing in Annual Chamber Magazine

The Connections magazine, designed and produced by the Daily Herald, is a publication that spotlights our area, businesses, and chamber activities. This publication is sent to every Payson and Santaquin resident and included inside the “Welcome Bags” that are handed out to each new resident when they visit the city offices.


The information for the directory listing comes from the chamber database so please make sure that your information is correct and the way you want it in the chamber directory. The directory listing is an important resource for the residents, to know where to find businesses of every kind.

Extra magazine copies can be picked up at the chamber office.


Welcome Bag Program

The Welcome bag program was designed to benefit businesses and new residents.  Each member is asked to participate in the program by providing an item for the bag. These items can be as small as a business card to as big as a water bottle or t-shirt. Each item should represent your business with a logo and contact information.

The bags are delivered to the city offices and given out as new residents go in to hook up their utilities.

Expect to go through around 50 items/ month


Online Membership Directory 

The Chamber website is a valuable resource for residents which includes a membership directory.  Each business can choose a couple of categories to be listed under.  This directory is shared with the community through Social Media highlights and chamber materials and publications.


Growth Membership Benefits – $350.00 (Includes All Core Plan Benefits)
$50 Sponsorship Credit


Email Blasts to chamber members and Social Media Posts for your events and special announcements

As you grow and advertise your business, you can use this benefit to bolster your advertising and marketing efforts. This can bring a new level of traffic to your business.

You can get 1 posting per month.


Bold Listing in Annual Chamber Magazine

Those who qualify for this level will have their name listed in bold print in the annual Connections Magazine.


Learning Resource Portal

Included on the website is an educational portal for businesses to utilize for business growth and success.

This portal is only accessible with a password which will be given to you when you sign up.


Sponsorship Credit

Depending on the level you signed up with, you will have sponsorship credit to use towards an event of your choosing.


Sustaining Membership Benefits – $525.00 (Includes All Growth Plan Benefits)
$100 Total Sponsorship Credit


Logo Displayed on Chamber’s Website Home Page

Your logo will be displayed on the chamber website home page for the duration of your sustaining level (or above) membership.


Chamber Member Certificate for Display

Each member who qualifies for Sustaining level (and up) will receive a professional certificate of membership, that signifies your level, signed by the chamber president and director, to display in your store or office. This will help build prestige and bring credibility to your organization.

Your membership level will dictate the color of your certificate.


Highlighted Listing in the Annual Chamber Magazine

The Connections Magazine has a business directory with every chamber member listed. At this level, your business gets highlighted so that it stands out more and draws the eye to your listing. Depending on which top-level you subscribe to will depend on the color used to highlight.


Tickets to Annual Awards Banquet

Sustaining level will receive 1 free banquet ticket valued at $25.

The influential level will receive 2 free banquet tickets valued at $40.

Trustee level will receive 4 free banquet tickets valued at $80.

Cornerstone level will receive 8 free banquet tickets valued $160.

Each Business of the Month Winner will receive one free ticket the year they won.


Influential Membership Benefits – $750.00 (Includes All Sustaining Plan Benefits) $250 Total Sponsorship Credit


Boosted Facebook Post for your Business

At the Influential level once a month we will boost one Facebook post for a week out of that month.  You choose which post you would like boosted and the audience were boosting to.


At the Trustee level once a month we will boost one Facebook post for a week out of that month. You choose which post you would like boosted.


At the Cornerstone level, twice a month we will boost 2 different Facebook posts for a week out of that month.  You choose which two posts you would like boosted.


Influential- 1 post at $10 each (This fee is paid by the chamber)
Trustee- 2 posts at $10 each
Cornerstone- 2 posts at $20 each


No Rental Fee for Use of Chamber Party Equipment

 *Conditional upon availability

Available Equipment:

Movie Projector
Inflatable Screen
Speaker System


Scrolling Banner on Chamber Website Page

A business banner (of yours or our design) will be placed at the top of the chamber website to scroll through for the entire year of your membership.


Trustee Membership Benefits – $1300.00 (Includes All Influential Plan Benefits) $500 Total Sponsorship Credit


Chamber Member Level Plaque for Display

You will be given a beautiful plaque to display in your office or storefront.


Article About Your Business in the Annual Chamber Magazine

A professionally written article about your business will be published in our annual chamber magazine.  The magazine is distributed every march.


Your Banner at all Monthly Breakfast Club Events (Live or Virtual)

The chamber director will ensure that there will be a virtual or physical banner at all Breakfast Club Events.


Personal Interview to go on Facebook and YouTube

The chamber director will interview you or someone from your business to go on Facebook and YouTube.


A seat at Mayor’s Executive Council

The Payson and Santaquin Mayors have an executive business council that discusses the business happenings and ordinances that affect the local economy. This gives businesses a voice where legislation is concerned.

They meet quarterly and attendance is optional.


The Trustee level gets 1 seat.
The Cornerstone Level gets 2 seats.


Cornerstone Membership Benefits – $3000.00 (Includes All Trustee Plan Benefits) $500 Total Sponsorship Credit


Your Banner at All Chamber Events

Your banner will be displayed at all chamber events such as:

The annual banquet, the Easter Egg Hunt, and so on.


Sponsorship and Booth at All Chamber Events

You will receive sponsorship recognition and a booth at all chamber events. With help from the chamber board, we will coordinate efforts to make it successful. This can look how you want it to.


30 Second Social Media Commercial Done by the Chamber

The chamber will use its resources and equipment to create a 30-second commercial that will play on social media and the chamber website and to be used however you desire.


Once this commercial is created, it is yours to use in your marketing strategy.  We will also post it to our Social Media Channels to advertise for you.