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Founded in 1941 by the city of Payson. Originally formed for the primary purpose of assisting in the unification of the Payson business community. The Chamber encouraged the residents of Payson to do their shopping locally thereby supporting the Chamber members.


In 2007, the city and the Chamber separated, and the Chamber began running as a separate mot for profit organization. Though the City of Payson is no longer running the Chamber, the two still work closely together for the benefit of the area businesses and residents.


In 2015, the Payson Area Chamber of Commerce merged with the Santaquin Area Chamber of Commerce and became the Payson & Santaquin Area Chamber of Commerce. The unity of the two Chambers brought more local businesses together and created a larger community for our Chamber to serve. The surrounding area refers to the other outlying areas including, Genola, Goshen, and Elk Ridge.


Today, The Payson & Santaquin Area Chamber of Commerce serves an area with more than 1400 businesses and a growing community with over 30,000 residents.


Our area members count on us to be the voice of local business at all levels of government. We advocate on behalf of our members for a business climate that enables them to succeed at growing their bottom line.


The Chamber coordinates and runs numerous events each year to help bring the community together and help residents know who to call and what services are available locally through a multitude of sponsorship opportunities.


The Mission of the Payson & Santaquin Area Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen the local economy by unifying and providing our members with training and resources to improve business practices.


“YOUR” Chamber works to create opportunities for our members to network, make connections, and gain exposure with local patrons; in addition to promoting a stronger community through services, fundraisers, and economic development.


We strive to embrace the improvement of business practices and policies while facilitating the success of our local business.


Our Motto is: Doing Business With People You Know, Like And Trust


​Whatever line of business you are in, the Payson & Santaquin Area Chamber of Commerce will make your organization better and stronger. Working together, we inspire our local residents to do as much business as possible with our members and support each other in miraculous ways.  We hope each and every business located within the Payson and Santaquin area will join us today!